How to paint a background and place graphics on top of if?

Marty Billingsley marty at
Mon Jan 31 10:14:41 EST 2005

Thomas Gutzmann <thomas.gutzmann at> writes:
> Painting must be simulated with "choose ... tool" and "drag from ... to
> ...".
I should have read further before replying earlier:-)

>I looked for something looking more like real programming :-)
You could always create "real programming" (whatever that is)
by making some functions:
function paintRectangle upperLeft lowerRight
-- paints a rectangle given the upper left corner and lower right corner
  choose rectangle tool
  drag from upperLeft to lowerRight
  choose browse tool
end paintRectangle

Of course you can make it fancier by adding parameters for
line thickness, line color, fill color, making the function
set the tool choice back to whatever it was when the
function was called, etc.

Have fun!

  - marty

Marty Billingsley
The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

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