How to paint a background and place graphics on top of if?

Marty Billingsley marty at
Mon Jan 31 10:06:58 EST 2005

Thomas Gutzmann <thomas.gutzmann at> writes:
> ok, I wasn't very clear:
> - I want to PAINT, not DRAW by script; using graphics is not possible
> because there would be too many objects, making scrolling and dragging
> too slow, so I want to create a "background" picture instead. I don't
> find out how use the paint tools in  a script.

Open the message box and experiment with the following series of
   choose brush tool
   drag from 100,100 to 200,200

Does that help give you ideas of the ways you might use the paint
tools in a script?

  - marty

Marty Billingsley
The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

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