Standalone Application Icon

John Dixon j.dixon7 at
Mon Jan 31 06:20:21 EST 2005

On 31/1/05 11:06 am, "Derek Bump" <webmaster at> wrote:

> 1.  Click the File menu and choose "Standalone Application Settings..."
> 2.  Click on either the "OS X" or "Windows" buttons at the top of the window
> (Depending on what platform you are using).
> 3.  Click the "Choose..." button to choose your icon.
> 4.  Close the "Standalone Application Settings..." window
> 5.  Save your stack.
> That's pretty much it.  When your ready to build the application, click the
> File menu and choosing "Save As Standalone Application...".

I have followed this routine... But it does not seem to work... It just
shows the generic Mac OS X application icon... I have used an icns file...
Is this the correct one ?


John Dixon

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