Export snapshot alternatives

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Mon Jan 31 05:42:19 EST 2005

My understanding is the revVideoFrameImage command only works while the 
movie is being captured. One can't use it after the fact. We need to 
select out and save a portion of the quicktime file sometime after the 
capture has taken place.


On Jan 31, 2005, at 12:49 AM, sims wrote:

>> Richard Miller wrote:
>>> Tried lock screen and lock messages. Didn't seem to help much. The 
>>> slowness seems to be with the export snapshot command. I'd like to 
>>> think there are other externals out there that are faster and can 
>>> replace this one.  That would be one solution.
>>> A better solution would be to find a way to take a 10 second 
>>> quicktime file and extract a 2 second section of it. Any idea how to 
>>> do that?
> Have you looked at:    revVideoFrameImage 
> frameWidth,frameHeight,dataVariable
> This puts the current frame in the video grabber into a variable.
> Wouldn't this (putting into variables) be faster than snapshots?
> hth
> sims
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