How to paint a background and place graphics on top of if?

Thomas Gutzmann thomas.gutzmann at
Mon Jan 31 02:08:36 EST 2005


Painting must be simulated with "choose ... tool" and "drag from ... to 
...". I looked for something looking more like real programming :-)

Thanks for your help,

Thomas G.

Am 31.01.2005 um 07:45 schrieb Thomas Gutzmann:

> Hi Sarah and Ben,
> ok, I wasn't very clear:
> - I want to PAINT, not DRAW by script; using graphics is not possible 
> because there would be too many objects, making scrolling and dragging 
> too slow, so I want to create a "background" picture instead. I don't 
> find out how use the paint tools in  a script.
> - at times I want to repaint portions of the picture (because I don't 
> have graphic objects); it would be easy if I had soemthing like a 
> cliptrect which helps me limit the painting to just that portion.
> The second is not so essential because I can replace cliptrect with a 
> bit of thinking. But the painting thing is a pure mystery to me, 
> still.
> Cheers,
> Thomas G.
> Am 31.01.2005 um 00:54 schrieb Sarah Reichelt:
>>> Back in the good old days of Pascal, I declared the CliptRect, 
>>> painted the whole picture, and I was sure that only the ClitpRect 
>>> was painted - performance was excellent event on a 68000. There was 
>>> something as easy as lineTo - but what is the equivalent in Rev? It 
>>> must be there, because I can use the paint tool to draw lines, 
>>> patterns and so forth - but how to do it under script control?
>> I'm not sure exactly what you need, but you can create graphics 
>> objects easily enough by script:
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