Success with Sending email without a SMTP Server!!!!

kee nethery kee at
Mon Jan 31 01:19:30 EST 2005

On Jan 30, 2005, at 9:27 PM, sims wrote:
> Also, won't some servers (a very small percentage in my experience) 
> still require authentication?

The answer is no.

Think about it, have you ever entered the authentication password for 
the people you were sending an outgoing email to? You have entered 
yours because your server will not relay until it know who you are. But 
it accepts mail for you from anyone. If you have never provided that 
authentication password, how would your mail server provide it? It 
would not know it either. The answer is that there are no email clients 
that I am aware of where you enter an authentication password for each 
email in the TO field of your outgoing message. And if you don't do it, 
how would your server provide it to their server?

SMTP servers accept mail from anyone if it is addressed to someone on 
their server. Most will not relay from another server and most will not 
accept mail from their own users if the mail is destined for anyone off 
their server.

Kee Nethery

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