Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Jan 30 20:02:08 EST 2005

on Sun, 30 Jan 2005 
James Cass wrote:
> That's fine, but that's just one type of screen
> saver.  I might want to 
> make a customized screen saver that's actually an
> application that does 
> something a lot cooler than just present a slide
> show.  :-)

Hi James,

Check if this stack works properly
in MacOS X:


This stack shows an animated vector graphic
that stops when the user click in the background.

You could change the handler, so instead
stopping on a mouseup handler, drawing stops
on mousemove...

Notice that in the script
i repeat twice this code:
wait with messages

Without this repetition, 
this stack never stops in 
faster machines, because
drawing is so fast!! :-(

Try to convert this
stack in an screensaver for OS X,
and post your results, please... :-)


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