Is this possible?

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Sun Jan 30 18:14:18 EST 2005

This seems to be all right to me, but just to be sure.

Rather than have a handler poll the OS each time it is run, would it 
be possible to modify a handler just once in an openstack handler 
like the following:

on openstack
   put the script of button 1 into tScript
   if the platform is "macOS" then
     replace "--unlock screen" with "unlock screen" in tScript
   end if
   set the script of button 1 to tScript
end openstack

This works in the IDE environment, but will it work in a stand alone?

I know a script can't modify itself, and that a stack can't make 
permanent changes in a stand alone, but can a stand alone modify 
component scripts each time the stack is opened as indicated above?


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