Success with Sending email without a SMTP Server!!!!

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jan 30 17:47:35 EST 2005

On 1/30/05 4:39 PM, David Vaughan wrote:

> On 31/01/2005, at 9:13, Andre Garzia <soapdog at> wrote:
> <snip>
>> Well folks the stack is available under my username "soapdog" at 
>> revOnline or thru   sorry I put 
>> a space in the file name....
> Andre,
> I tested sending to a .mac address and got this error in the log:
> "Server was offended by our HELO message"
> I am behind a corporate firewall at the moment and suspecting it might 
> have interfered. Does this seem likely?

I just sent Andre a test message, and he is at a .mac address so it does 
seem to work. I had to try several times before the script would get the 
mx record but then it went through okay.

It's pretty cool. I think it would be suitable for embedding into my own 
software for users to send me feedback. I'd probably hide or disguise my 
email address in a password-protected stack so the user can't pass it 
around. Otherwise it seems fairly safe to me. The down side is that 
possibly not all servers will work with it; we'd need more testing to know.

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