Dreamcard under simple user

Scott Slaugh xslaugh at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 17:37:06 EST 2005

  I can't tell you the exact terms used in the setup of the simple
user.  I don't have OS X at home, so I can't look at it.  However, I
know he created a user, then went to the tab for user rights.  He
selected the option on the far right, then selected the check box to
allow access to only certain programs.  He then granted access to
Revolution by checking it.  However, upon logging in as the user,
Revolution never showed up.
  My understanding of the way Rev licensing works told me that it
shouldn't matter if I was running in demo mode or full mode.  However,
I was not in the mood to try and argue that with the IT guy at the
time.  We didn't try setting the folder to be read-write.  I'll see if
we can try that next week.

Scott Slaugh

> Can you tell me how the "simple user" is set up?  We use 10.3 in
> the labs at our school, and each lab has its own way of limiting
> student use (or not).  So I've seen a few different setups.
> We use Revolution, but I have installed a demo version of Dreamcard
> to experiment with.  It worked fine, except that I had to set the
> entire Dreamcard directory (folder) to be writable be the world.
> Dunno why.  Once I did that, things worked just fine.  Of course,
> this is less secure than you might want, and might not be possible
> under your lab's "simple user" setup.
> I've found the folks at RunRev to be very helpful in terms of
> licensing for our school, and the list to be helpful in
> debugging.  Good luck!
>   - marty

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