Revolution Hypercard cellophane color

Scott Slaugh xslaugh at
Sun Jan 30 12:38:30 EST 2005

Some time ago, I wanted to achieve the same effect.  I ended up having
to create a graphic that was colored only on top of the areas I wanted
colored, and transparent everywhere else.  It's not the best solution,
but it was the only way I could come up with to get about the same

Scott Slaugh

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 13:07:07 EST, FMoyer at <FMoyer at> wrote:
> Hi. I wish I could get Revolution's color to work the way Hypercard does.
> Hypercard's color is like cellophane, except for one really neat thing. In
> Hypercard, if you put a colored object on top of another colored object, that top
> object's color trumps everything underneath, and you don't get a muddy composite
> color as you would in the real world, or as you do in Revolution when using
> the admin ink. In Revolution, if 2 "admin"ed objects overlap, a 3rd muddy
> composite color is created. Is there any way to make Revolution behave like
> Hypercard, where:
>      black pixels on any objects show through
> and
>      the top colored object has precedence over any colored objects
> underneath.
> Thanks.
> Fred Moyer
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