Problem building standalone message

Dwayne Rothe drothe at
Sat Jan 29 20:49:20 EST 2005

Hi Bill, unfortunately there is no specific information given for the error,
there is one thing to try though that usually works,
select   File> Standalone Application Settings...
and in the General section you will find a radio button "select inclusions
for the standalone application", select it.
Now select the appropriate script libraries & databases to be used with your
Basically you are manually choosing the required inclusions for your app.
instead of  letting Rev do it...
Now you should be able to build your standalone app OK!

Don't know why this happens but 9/10 times it does...
I have a 3 mb app with 8 sub-stacks and no problems when creating a
Another app with only 3 sub-stacks causes the error message?

Cheers Dwayne...
> I have a simple stack (2 cards) which no longer allows me to build a
> standalone. It just gives me a cryptic message saying that it
> encountered an error. I'm guessing that there is some sort of problem
> with something on the stack or on a card. I built a standalone when it
> was only one card without problems so I suspect it is something on the
> second card.
> My question is is there a way to get more information than the simple
> dialog box to tell me what the problem is? I can start deleting things
> at random (there are not that many components but it would be much
> better to be more cluefull about this.
> The stack runs fine in the IDE (Mac OS X building OS X and Windows
> standalones).
> Bill Vlahos

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