problem in libURL...

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sat Jan 29 17:34:20 EST 2005

On 29 Jan 2005, at 20:07, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Andre Garzia wrote:
>> On Jan 29, 2005, at 5:20 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> LibURL is now engine-version-specific -- are you running with a 
>>> compatible engine version?
>> Oh Hell!!!! :D
>> Thanks for the tip Richard, can you point me to the download url for 
>> libURL? I checked on runrev site and found no download link under 
>> Support & Resources -> libURL
> I agree it needs to be there, and have cc'd the webmaster here to 
> bring it to his attention.
> I don't have the URL to the libURL docs handy, but the version 
> dependency is the latest version of libURL requires Rev v2.5 or later. 
> The dependency occured because of support for Rev 2.5's new security 
> options.
> Oddly, though, I have seen come cases where libURL will work with 
> older versions, so there are clearly a lot of things about this 
> version dependency that I don't understand.  Perhaps David Cragg can 
> chime in here to fill in the blanks....

You can get the latest version here:

The updater will install version 1.1.2 on Rev 2.5 (engine version 2.6.1 
or later) and 1.0.17 on earlier versions.

The incompatibility concerns just the syntax for opening secure 
sockets, which will cause a script error on earlier engines. However, I 
don't think Andre's problem will be resolved by an update.

Andre wrote:

> I am at 2.5 release... after rebooting the machine libURL started to 
> behave better.... guess what there's a strange thing with XML-RPC lib, 
> the one that taps into revXML that taps into libURL anyway. For 
> example revXMLRPC_CreateRequest is a handler, but if you call it as if 
> it is a function by using parenthesis, it will not return an error, it 
> will return fine, but it will never work and the errors will be 
> related to libURL... heck.... no xmlrpcerr: something, but things like 
> "socket timeout" and stuff. I always thought that if you call a 
> handler using a function call it would never reach it's destination. 
> strange.... very strange...

I haven't used the XML-RPC stuff, but have you tried using 
libUrlSetLogField and cheking whether libUrl is trying to connect to 
the correct url?


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