Revolution Hypercard cellophane color

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Sat Jan 29 16:58:38 EST 2005

sez FMoyer at
>...when I set the ink
>of the graphic to blend, the colors underneath blend with the color of the 
>That's not what happens in Hypercard. In Hypercard, the color of the top
>object trumps everything underneath unless what is underneath is black.
>Any other color is completely obliterated. There is no blending. So blue 
over a white
>background remains blue. With "blend" in Revolution, I believe blue over
>a white background becomes light blue. 
>Perhaps there is something that I don't understand about blend.
   The thing you're missing may well be a property called "blendLevel", which 
basically defines how opaque the top graphic is. Just for grins, you might 
want to try making button on the same card as your blend graphic, and give said 
button this script...

on mouseUp
  repeat with K1 = 0 to 20
    put 5 * K1 into BLevel
    set the blendLevel of graphic "Whatever its name is" to BLevel
    wait 3 ticks
  end repeat
end mouseUp

   This handler is, of course, *extremely* quick and dirty, but it should 
serve to demonstrate my point.

   Hope this helps...

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