Printing Again

Mark Smith mark at
Sat Jan 29 09:12:39 EST 2005

Sorry to be dense, but doesn't this mean that in order to get a 
properly scaled print out, one must always know the resolution of the 
screen currently in use? For example, my laptop has a screen res of 100 
pixels per inch, therefore, to print 9 point text on the screen as 9 
point text on the page, I must use a printscale value of 0.72 (72/100). 
This works. Incidentally, the docs cover the use of the printscale 
property for printing reduced or enlarged, but there's no suggestion 
that it would be necessary to use it for simply printing 9 point text 
as 9 point text...still, it serves the purpose.

But what if my app is printing from a computer with a different screen 
res? (I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly, that we can generally rely on 
printers using 72dpi).

So then the question is, how can this screen dpi value be found? I 
haven't yet found anything in the docs, searching on 'screen', 
"resolution', 'pixels', 'dpi', 'dot' or 'inch'.

How does everyone deal with this, or do you just set it on your own 
machine and then hope for the best? Or perhaps I really am just being 



On 29 Jan 2005, at 03:29, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> As for the font issue, the card is being scaled when printed.  By
> default, 1 pixel on the screen maps to 1 point on the printer.  Since
> your screen is likely not 72 dpi (most have a higher resolution now),
> the font appears bigger on the printout.  Check the documentation on
> the printScale property for more info.

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