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The gray background of the field is due to the fact that the default 
background color is being inherited from the card, which in turn 
inherits its default color from the stack, which in turn inherits its 
default color from the engine.  For whatever wacky reason (not really 
relevant, I'd think), the default color of the engine is different for 
printing than it is for display on the screen.  Manually specify a 
background color of white for the card to fix this problem.

As for the font issue, the card is being scaled when printed.  By 
default, 1 pixel on the screen maps to 1 point on the printer.  Since 
your screen is likely not 72 dpi (most have a higher resolution now), 
the font appears bigger on the printout.  Check the documentation on 
the printScale property for more info.

On Jan 28, 2005, at 5:40 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> I'm baffled....can anyone help?
> Mac OS 10.3.4
> RunRev 2.5 Studio
> To see if I can't get hold of this printing malarkey, I created a new 
> mainstack. I placed 1 field on the 1st card and set its 'showBorder' 
> to false. I pasted some text from texEdit into the field. I set the 
> font to monaco, and the size to 9. I chose "print card' from the file 
> menu, and printed the card.
> On screen, the card is plain white with some 9 point monaco text on it.
> The printed page has a white border, the area of the field being light 
> grey. The text is at least 11 point.
> To check, I printed the same text from texEdit, all appears on the 
> page as expected ie. 9 point monaco.
> Is this normal? Does anyone recognise this?
> TIA,
> Mark
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