Getting up-to-date w/ RunRev 1.1.1 and Mac OS X Panther

WillAdams at WillAdams at
Fri Jan 28 16:31:58 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/26/05 11:15:18 PM, sarahr at writes:

> Trying to remember back to 1.1.1 :-)
> Check the Get Info window for the built app. It may have the "Open in
> the Classic environment" checkbox ticked.
Unfortunately, it doesn't have such a checkbox (I've built two apps to 
check). I _can_ find that in other apps, e.g., FreeHand 10.

> Rev 1.1. did not build true OS X bundles, but made Carbon apps that can
> run in both environments, so this setting needs to be checked.
Unfortunately, the apps when built are listed as ``Classic Application''s.

The Build Distribution window offers options for:

Mac OS fat
Mac OS 68k
Mac OS X

It's that last I've been using. I've tried all and they are listed as 
``Classic Application'' (not Carbon) and none of the resulting apps have the ``open 
in Classic'' checkbox.

It does offer an option to set the Creator Signature in the Mac OS tab 
(defaults to RApp.

and another to allow dynamic memory management.

Would it be possible to delete the build engine for Mac OS X and re-download 
it to update it?

Or maybe just download?

The only engines listed (in Revolution 1.1.1/components/engines) are:

Shouldn't there be a MacOSX one? Could that be the problem?


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