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a windows .net or vb com or dll interface for RR would be
a cool bugzilla request... I thought about it a lot 3 years
ago - but found there's a bunch of exe's you can call via 
shell calls that do it much easier... 

A way to directly interface dll's calls would be nice too. 
User32.dll for one... What I mean is that many MS IO calls 
available in their "toolbox" is available for other programming 
languages. Why not Rev right?

In RunRev you have to wrap them in an external but the 
process is tedious. CompileIt in HyperCard was a much
better solution. But the problem is the compiler mapping
of all the calls, symbols, etc, for each type of compile:
W2K, WKP, W2K3 and all the CPU versions... Only a good
compiler can add all those #defines...

If RR already could register NT events for failures it would
be a big plus. Currently there's no way (out of the external's 
debugger) to know what went wrong when something does. The 
sessionlog file could help but it doesn't much really out of
the GUI context - AFAIK...

A little google and you can find a zillion alternatives to any
xcmd - sometimes with the source even!

Check out for example. In my case, the NT resource kit
allowed me to control anything in our servers, file structures, user
accounts, you name it. I can even shell wsh if needed. But the exe's are the
shortest route. Even for GUI applications like EnterpriseAdmin, DameWareNT,
DFS, AD or NetBackup, calling shells is much more effective and "already
coded" to avoid the extra work...

It's just not elegant, i know... But it does just about anything!

Nitrous Palettes and utilities for RunRev

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> Hi revs.
> Yesterday I went through a great voice over IP software  called Skype
> ( and I though it would be nice to set a button 
> on a rev stack to  connect to this software and make a call. 
> Skype is  a multi platform but  unfortunately documentation 
> for developers is available only for windows.
> I am mainly a MAC/Applescript user and I felt lost .   I got 
> the API of 
> the program and I realized it was not an easy task.   :-(
> Then I found a link ( for 
> a  "Skype API COM Wrapper"  and  it was said " The SkypeAPI 
> COM wrapper is an ActiveX "layer" around the Skype API .  
> It's designed to make it simpler for COM-client development 
> environments (VB, .NET, etc.) to communicate with Skype.  I 
> thought that if it works with VB it should works also with 
> Rev. Am I correct?
> Can you help me  on set up a plug in to connect to skype in Windows?
> Send me a message or call me on skype (my username is paolomazza)
> Have a good day.
> Paolo Mazza
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