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You could also try setting up your own SMTP server and direct the mail 
to that, if you have a public IP address or could somehow get one.  Or, 
you could try to embed one in your app somehow...

There's a new one: there are embedded database engines, so why not 
embedded SMTP servers?

Well, apparently the virus writers and spammers/bulk mailers have this 

So why not a Rev app?

Info on the protocol can be found here:

On Jan 28, 2005, at 5:44 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Derek Bump wrote:
> >> Unless this stack is going to be used by 100s or 1000s of people,
> >> and used to send 1000s of emails, why not hard code the settings
> >> to your own smtp server?
> >
> > This could work, but you need to make sure your mail server
> > doesn't has security against doing this.  Most do, as open
> > mail servers without protection tend to be used by spammers.
> Any server admin who doesn't require at least simple password 
> authentication for SMTP servers should be fired, as they are aiding 
> spammers and leaving their system at risk.
> So assuming such lamers get fired, the question becomes:  Is Dan 
> comfortable handing his SMTP password to anyone with a copy of 
> Interarchy or other traffic monitoring tool? ;)
> If you need email specifically, it should not be too onerous to ask 
> users to set up yours just as they set up their own.  You can be extra 
> nice and provide instructions on where they can find that info, but 
> most can do it or they don't have email.
> But if the goal is to have them send you messages, you could bypass 
> email altogether with a CGI: the user client sends to the CGI, and you 
> can write your own custom client for yourself that retrieves the 
> messages and their attachments.  Since it's your own system you can 
> package the data in any way that's convenient for you, without regard 
> to complicated RFCs.
> I've been doing that with RevNet's feedback form and elsewhere for 
> years -- ditching email in favor of whatever system works for you can 
> be much simpler and no less convenient, perhaps more so.
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