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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Fri Jan 28 06:24:58 EST 2005

Ben Fisher wrote:

>Thanks for the response, everyone. I'll get started with the externals kit as soon as possible.
>Unfortunately, as far as porting existing dlls into rev use is a little beyond me at the moment. I learned C++ on a mac system don't really know how to reference a dll. I'm not actually as experienced in c++ as I might have came across.
When you have some spare time, you might want to look at http://www.swig.org

SWIG is a mechanism for generating the "wrapper" code needed to 
interface scripting languages to C or C++

I have no clue how easy it would be to extend it to cover Transcript - 
but it might be some help (and I'm sure it will be interesting). I think 
this would potentially be the right long-term approach for Transcript; 
there is enough momentum behind SWIG for Perl and Python that many 
external libraries already produce the appropriate interface definition 
files for SWIG; being able to build Transcript interfaces that way 
would, I think, help to increase the availability of external libraries.

-- Alex.

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