Control windows application - API

paolo carambola at
Fri Jan 28 03:27:55 EST 2005

Hi revs.

Yesterday I went through a great voice over IP software  called Skype  
( and I though it would be nice to set a button on a rev 
stack to  connect to this software and make a call. Skype is  a multi 
platform but  unfortunately documentation for developers is available 
only for windows.
I am mainly a MAC/Applescript user and I felt lost .   I got the API of 
the program and I realized it was not an easy task.   :-(
Then I found a link ( for a  "Skype 
API COM Wrapper"  and  it was said " The SkypeAPI COM wrapper is an 
ActiveX "layer" around the Skype API .  It's designed to make it 
simpler for COM-client development environments (VB, .NET, etc.) to 
communicate with Skype.  I thought that if it works with VB it should 
works also with Rev. Am I correct?

Can you help me  on set up a plug in to connect to skype in Windows?

Send me a message or call me on skype (my username is paolomazza)

Have a good day.

Paolo Mazza

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