Getting User Email Settings

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Fri Jan 28 02:34:12 EST 2005


Thursday, January 27, 2005, 9:47:12 PM, you wrote:

DS> If I thought they could do that, I'd handle it that way. Problem is,
DS> I'm dismayed to find that most users know very little if anything about
DS> how their systems work or how they're configured. On this same project,
DS> I posted a QuickTime movie on the Web. Five of the first seven 
DS> customers who tried to view it couldn't. I wondered why. So I sent them
DS> email asking for their OS, version, Web browser, and version, and 
DS> whether they knew if they had QuickTime installed.

DS> You would not believe the answers I got back. Not one of them even
DS> named their Web browser correctly; instead, they'd tell me their ISP.

DS> I gave up.

If this is a defined set of users you're dealing with, then check
their RFC-822 email headers. That should tell you what email client
they're using and what address their email came from.

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