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Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Fri Jan 28 02:06:57 EST 2005

On Jan 28, 2005, at 4:45 AM, sims wrote:

> Habib!
> Add Maltese to that list so you will know a hobz from a ras ta gidra 
> for the
> 2006 European revolution Conference!
> Sahha!
> sims

Sims my friend,

my maltese is far superior than my spanish, I know that hobz is bread 
and ras ta gidra is how you politelly call a police officer when he 
turns his back! I also know that thanks is grazzie and Hi is Bonju... 
Heck I am felling almost native! Habib I think means friend or honey 
and I hope Sahha is similar to Cheers... Also Zeit is olive oil and biz 
is with....

I'll answer in maltese to the next person that speak in spanish with 
me, something on the lines of "Bonju, ras ta gidra biz zeit (to be 
collorfull), Sahha! Grazzie!"

PS: I also miss my glass of Cisk!

Cheers! Tu es el hombre sims!


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL

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