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Fri Jan 28 02:01:48 EST 2005

Le 27 janv. 05, à 21:36, Paul Kocsis a écrit :

> Thank you for responding Yves.  I know that I can set something (global
> variable, custom property, etc.) to allow another handler to know which
> stack opened the modal...but...this is not the intent of the question. 
>  I'm
> trying to work around a subtle engine bug...and in doing so, I need to
> examine the actual (modally) opened stack without regard to which stack
> opened it...
> The subtle bug (which is very hard to reproduce) causes an opened modal
> stack to block the wrong stack! ...i.e. block a different stack than 
> the one
> that opened it! I'm trying to look for a way to "set
> something" a property...of the (modally) opened stack in order 
> to get
> it to block the correct stack...or at least figure out what 
> mechanism/data
> is used by the engine to determine which stack a modal should be 
> blocking.
> Paul Kocsis
I understand your question but cannot help. Sorry.


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