Of standalones, bundles and files

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Fri Jan 28 01:57:19 EST 2005

> I'm using RR2.1.2 on OSX, and would like to avoid using the standalone 
> builder, as it takes 30 to 40 minutes doing something with a 
> particular substack.  Is there a reason why I shouldn't just build the 
> splashscreen stack and put the 'real' rev file in the same folder and 
> avoid having it in the build?

No reason at all, I do this all the time as it makes updating much 
easier when you just have to install a single stack instead of the 
complete application. The only trick is to set the defaultFolder to the 
folder holding all your substacks when the app starts. That way the 
mainStack can find them without you having to specify a path.

>   And if I do this, is there a way to get the file inside the OS X 
> bundle?
Yes, right-click (control-click) on the application and choose "Show 
Package Contents" from the popup menu.
You will get a new folder open containing a Contents folder. Open that 
and you will find a couple of files and 2 folders: Resources (where the 
icons are kept) and MacOS (where everything else goes. In the MacOS 
folder, you will see a file that is the actual application (not a Rev 
stack anymore), plus any sub-stacks that you built as separate files. 
You can just put any other separate stacks in that folder.


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