What do most Rev developers do?

Ben Fisher boinjyboing at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 27 23:13:37 EST 2005

> Are most of you using it for educational software, or to help with
> projects at a large company, or for independent programming for small
> businesses?
> Just curious,
> Jonathan

I learned Hypercard when I was in 3rd grade. I made all sorts of animations, I.e. "Copy Card, Paste Card, move the ball, Copy Card, Paste card, move the ball..." Hypercard was a really fun tool and I still use it occasionally for kicks. You can make some great games.

Having learned C++ and Java, I really appreciate things that other Rev developers might take for granted. These languages might have speed, but they really fail when it comes to graphics or multimedia. Do you know how many lines of code it takes in Java to make a set of radio buttons behave correctly?

Now, I use Revolution for a lot of things, none of them having to do with money. I wish like others on this list that I could use Rev in a job. (I don't have a job right now; I'm just a high school student.)  I'm creating simple models of physics phenomena. (Supposedly Java is the best for this, not in my opinion.) My graphing calculator and primitive computer-algebra-system is about a quarter done. I also wrote a really big Civil War strategy game. If any of you are into fractals like me, I wrote a plugin in Rev for Ultra Fractal 3 that lets you make fractal animations.

Soon I plan to make a Page-Maker style layout manager for rev.

Although I still have a few HyperCard bad habits, my xtalk writing is very fast, sometimes even faster than typing in English :)


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