Outsourcing of programming work to countries with lower cost-of-living expenses

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 17:29:24 EST 2005

--- "Lynch, Jonathan" <BNZ2 at CDC.GOV> wrote:
> I just read a few articles on this...
> How do you guys who make your living as freelance
> programmers deal with
> this problem? If a company in a third world country
> can charge a sixth
> of the price that a company in a developed country
> can charge - then how
> do you guys ever manage to find clients?
> I can see how it would work if the required
> programming also requires
> on-site work - but I cannot see how it would work
> outside of that.
> Just wondering,
> Jonathan

Ho Jonathan,

My consulting services happen outside of a regular
(and demanding) dayjob, so I'm in a different

However, at one of my previous jobs, I worked as a
Functional Analyst, interacting with customers and
looking at their needs from a functional oint of view,
with development being done by a team at Origin India.

While these people had good programming skills, the
cultural differences and their apparant inability to
grasp the finer points of custom procedures in
accounting, order processing and production management
applications, created serious problems.

On the other hand, they saved the company at a time
when an entire team had walked out and it couldn't
find enough qualified developers to serve all
customers who needed Y2K and euro-upgrades.

In my opinion, there are projects for which
outsourcing works, and there are projects for which it
is the wrong choice -- and communication is the key.

Jan Schenkel.

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