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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Thu Jan 27 17:14:37 EST 2005

--- paolo <carambola at> wrote:
> Do you know how can I post an image to a revCGI 
> stack and have this 
> image to be saved on the cgi-bin folder?
> Ciao Paolo Mazza

Hi Paolo,

One option is to send the image data in base64
encoding ; and then base64 decode it again on the
other side.

Or you could send the raw data, but change the
httpHeaders before you POST the data, so the webserver
and the cgi-script know it's image data :
  put image 1 into tImageData
  set the httpHeaders to "Content-type: image/png"
  post tImageData to URL tCGIScriptURL
Then from your cgi-script, you can check the
CONTENT_TYPE environment variable.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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