SpellCheck (re-inventing the wheel)

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>During the course of helping my son prepare for a test at school, I
>created an educational FlashCard stack that allows him to input his own
>Q&A list. Does someone perhaps have a library stack that can spellcheck
>user input of a text field? Do you include a word list, or do you know of
>one that is available in the public domain? We could copy the text into
>Word to check the spelling, but I would rather have a complete solution in
>stack form.
>Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at sealedair.com>


I have one that I found on the Web some time ago. It is *too* good 
for my purposes.

  I use it in a cryptogram decoder I wrote in RR. (The decoder finds 
all words which fit given specifications (e.g. if one enters:  *u11* 
then the decoder would look for all words in which the first and last 
characters are wild cards, the second letter is "u" and the next two 
letters are the same. Examples would be bunny and buddy. But it also 
finds: durra, and cully.)

The first six entries in the dictionary are:


Except for aardvark (and I can imagine what an aardwolf might be) I 
haven't a clue about the rest of the words, unless abaca is the 
plural of abacus.

You are welcome to this dictionary if you like, but if you find 
something smaller (less than 64,000 words), let me know. I seldom do 
crytograms which include "abacist" or "aback".


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