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By coincidence, I just received this from ADC.

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Apple Developer Connection

Innovate with .Mac

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When you build .Mac technology into your application, you give it the web integration
features it needs to stand out in the marketplace. And you give your customers a rich
collection of features they'll love. Check out just a few of the benefits of integrating
.Mac technology:

- Support for open standards. No network programming required. You can focus on
development instead of implementation.

- Always-on "store and forward." Easily share data and documents with the simplest
direct-to-web publishing and storage available.

- Generate additional income. Become a .Mac Affiliate and earn cash commissions for
generating new .Mac members.

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Download the .Mac SDK now.

Download the .Mac SDK today at the ADC Member Site.

Earn cash commissions as a .Mac Affiliate.

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Developers must agree to the ADC Programs Terms and Conditions (PDF) before downloading
the .Mac SDK. 

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