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Paul Kocsis pkocsis at
Thu Jan 27 15:36:37 EST 2005

Thank you for responding Yves.  I know that I can set something (global
variable, custom property, etc.) to allow another handler to know which
stack opened the modal...but...this is not the intent of the question.  I'm
trying to work around a subtle engine bug...and in doing so, I need to
examine the actual (modally) opened stack without regard to which stack
opened it...

The subtle bug (which is very hard to reproduce) causes an opened modal
stack to block the wrong stack! ...i.e. block a different stack than the one
that opened it! I'm trying to look for a way to "set
something" a property...of the (modally) opened stack in order to get
it to block the correct stack...or at least figure out what mechanism/data
is used by the engine to determine which stack a modal should be blocking.

Paul Kocsis

> Yves COPPE wrote:
>You may create a custom property stored in your main stack so you can 
>put what you need or a global variable.
>Paul Kocsis wrote:
>> If I have a mainstack with 2 substacks (for example, Stacks "main1", 
>> "sub1"
>> and "sub2") and main1 is opened normally and in turn opens sub1 as a
>> palette...sub2 is left unopened...
>> There is a button on stack main1 that opens stack sub2 as a modal
>> There is a similar button on stack sub1 (currently opened as a palette)
>> which also opens sub2 as a modal.
>> Whichever button is clicked...the stack that opened sub2 is blocked 
>> until
>> sub2 closes itself (as expected).
>> Finally my there a property or some way for me to
>> query/examine the opened sub2 stack to determine which stack it is 
>> currently
>> blocking?
>> I know this is info that my scripts can know if they need to....after 
>> all, I
>> can simply set a variable before opening sub2....but this is not the 
>> purpose
>> of my question...I have other reasons and am just wondering if there is
>> *anything* I can query about the (modally) opened sub2 that indicates 
>> which
>> stack it is blocking...

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