modal question

Paul Kocsis pkocsis at
Thu Jan 27 14:29:26 EST 2005

If I have a mainstack with 2 substacks (for example, Stacks "main1", "sub1"
and "sub2") and main1 is opened normally and in turn opens sub1 as a
palette...sub2 is left unopened...

There is a button on stack main1 that opens stack sub2 as a modal

There is a similar button on stack sub1 (currently opened as a palette)
which also opens sub2 as a modal.

Whichever button is clicked...the stack that opened sub2 is blocked until
sub2 closes itself (as expected).

Finally my there a property or some way for me to
query/examine the opened sub2 stack to determine which stack it is currently

I know this is info that my scripts can know if they need to....after all, I
can simply set a variable before opening sub2....but this is not the purpose
of my question...I have other reasons and am just wondering if there is
*anything* I can query about the (modally) opened sub2 that indicates which
stack it is blocking...


Paul Kocsis

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