Disappearing Mouse!!??

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Thu Jan 27 05:17:33 EST 2005

J. Landman Gay wrote:

> It is already submitted a couple of times as a bug rather than as an 
> enhancement:
> <http://support.runrev.com/bugdatabase/show_bug.cgi?id=2147>
> This particular one is still marked as unconfirmed, but we have had 
> several reports of it in the support queue too. I distinctly remember 
> entering it in Bugzilla myself, but now I can't find it. So there is 
> another one in there somewhere as well.
> It would be good to add any new reports to the above, since that one 
> is marked as an actual bug.
Those are two different problems.

2147 says that sometimes, mostly when the cursor is near the end of a 
line in a TEXT field, the blinking "upright bar" text cursor will disappear.

2138 says that (certainly in Dreamcard player) if a stack is opened by 
double-clicking the .rev file, the cursor is completely invisible - any 
cursor, not just the text one, and all the time - the app is effectively 
unusable. When run in the IDE, there is no problem.

If I can get a "clean" computer, with no player already installed to 
confuse things, I'll test a new installation to see if I can confirm 
that the problem occurs with the launcher rather than the Player. If it 
does, I'll change the Bugzilla entry to a bug.

But I can't help feeling that this kind of investigation is what I 
expect a company to do for itself, not rely on its users to do for it. 
There's a serious deficiency - I don't care whether you call it a bug or 
an enhancement. Every Windows app in the world is (can be) run by 
double-clicking on its icon - except Dreamcard apps.  (and possibly 
Studio/Revolution apps - but I can't test that).

I can only imagine the impression this would give to a first time user 
(who might well be a last-time user as well).

-- Alex.

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