Records Delimited by Blank Line

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Thu Jan 27 02:10:18 EST 2005

Wouldn't the recordDelimiter be

return & return       ???

>Hello everyone,
>I'm processing a large text file where each record consists of 
>several hundred lines of information and is separated from the next 
>record by a single blank line.  I'd normally use a handler like the 
>one below, where the variable recordDelimiter catches the characters 
>that mark the end of one record and the beginning of another, but 
>with the delimiter being a blank line in this case, I'm not sure 
>what string I should set recordDelimiter to.  I suspect it's 
>something obvious, and I'm just suffering from a mental block (story 
>of my life).
>open file filePath for read
>   repeat
>     read from file filePath until recordDelimiter
>     put the result into resultOfRead  -- Check for eof.
>     -- Do stuff with the record here.
>     if resultOfRead is "eof" then exit repeat
>   end repeat
>Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
>	Greg

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