Newbie question: use of fields for mobile phone sim

Silver, Jason jsilver at
Wed Jan 26 21:48:03 EST 2005

Hello everyone,

Now that our company has bought Revolution, I have much more motivation
to use this product!  Anyways, I had a question on the best way to set
up text and images in fields.  Without further ado...

Since I'm creating a prototype of a mobile phone application in
Revolution, the boss would like it to be "as close as possible" to the
real thing.  To give some context, take a look at this picture:
Each line must be 29 pixels high, and the text 42 pixels over from the
left.  There may be different icons on each line, which are 7 pixels
over, and vertically centered on each 29 pixel-high line.

Now, I'm wondering the best way to implement this.  The text in each
line will be pulled from a stack containing names (imagine a list of
contacts).  Is it better to:

A) Create several single-line fields?  The problem with this comes into
play when there are more than 8 items...figuring out scrolling could be
B) Create a multi-line field.  This seems easier, but how do I put
different images on each line?  If the user scrolls up and down, I'd
like the correct image to stay on the correct line.
C) Something I haven't thought of yet?

The thought of different icons (and dealing with the transparency) is
giving me headaches.  How do I best approach this as a Revolution

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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