What do most Rev developers do?

Nicolas Cueto nicolas_cueto at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 26 17:50:01 EST 2005

Rob Cozens replied:

> Hi again, Jonathan,
> I suspect the short, general answer is "anything and everything".

Ditto for myself.

Metacard was what I first used for years. And though I've mostly switched to
Rev, I still have the MC engine on my webserver
(http://kweto.com/skripts/bingo.html ), and also use it for porting the
occassional Win stack to Mac.

As well, wherever batch processing can be applied. At home, I use it to
re-index digital photos and generate corresponding html for our family
slide-show. That applies to my studies in the past, in particular for corpus
work on large collections of English and Japanese texts.

And also of course for work, where Rev gets most of its use. I'm a
second-language teacher, so stacks have ranged from just-for-me tools (for
example, to generate multiple-choice quizzes and picture bingo cards or to
modify authentic texts), as well as software for student/teacher use, the
most recent example being a chat-like stack and server combo that allows me
to set parameters centrally for whatever communicative activity I'd like my
EFL students to practice with each other.

Nicolas Cueto
niconiko language school

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