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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 26 16:17:45 EST 2005

David Squance wrote:
> I've built a help stack for an app which consists mostly of two fields, 
> one the content and the other an index.  Clicking on a line in the index 
> takes the user to the appropriate section of the help contents.  It 
> works fine when going 'down' the contents, but I'm wondering if there is 
> a simple way for the user to avoid having to click twice to access any 
> section which occurs earlier in the content than where the last found 
> line occurs.

I'n not sure how you code is setup, but I use a similar layout and very 
simple supporting code.

To fill the index list I just use:

   put the cardnames of this stack into fld "index"

To go to a card I have this in the "index" field script:

   on mouseUp
     go cd (the hilitedLine of me)
   end mouseUp

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