What do most Rev developers do?

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Wed Jan 26 13:16:19 EST 2005

i bought runrev to script for fun! Graphics, games, and Utilities for

Also for personal research and document management - im overloaded with them

Then at work, I get rid of all the command lines with nice GUIs with
MetaCard to manage a mega enterprise data pool - I migrate 1000's of shares
and datas across the SAN or NAS and manage a few hundred servers and soon
confronted with MS AD and NFS, clusters managment (i hope) and more!
Attacking also soon NetBackup for NT and possibly Solaris! 

And since im doing all that and regular business as usualy activities as
well I developped xos to do my secretarial work ;)

Im also using all the above to manage my new GTR passion with tweaking
settings on race cars. Amazing what a real xtalk ide can do! 

monsieurx.com <- I run this website but not entirely with runrev although it
comes in handy to translate stacks of data to sql!

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> I have a question for you guys:
> What do you do?
> I am a writer/editor for an online publication at the U.S. 
> CDC, and I use Rev to help with compiling news reports, and 
> to help with editing submissions from our contributors, and a 
> few other things as well.
> I am also using it for an online publishing idea that I have, 
> that I wish to pitch to CDC before too long.
> As my uses are kind of specialized, I am not very aware of 
> how Rev is normally put to use.
> Are most of you using it for educational software, or to help 
> with projects at a large company, or for independent 
> programming for small businesses?
> Just curious,
> Jonathan
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