Question regarding the clipboard

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Wed Jan 26 11:43:40 EST 2005

Hi Alex,

>You said the string is 60 - 70 thousand chars. So I figured maybe up to

>65536 works OK, and over that you are getting some kind of 
>field-wrapping effect, and getting only the amount BEYOND the 65536

>But it was only a guess :-) 
>There are some other limits (see   docs / Topics / Containers, 
>variables, etc. / Memory limits) that could perhaps be relevant.

This one is a real stumper for me. I looked up the doc on limits, but
could not find one related to linelength in the clipboard.

And, of course, the clipboard does not normally have a limit of that
sort in other programs. 

Speculatively - I think it might be related to Rev's internal process of
putting the variable into the clipboard array. Maybe something in the
data that trips up an internal function, and causes it to stop
transferring the data partway through.

Has anyone else ever had problems putting long strings without linefeeds
into the clipboard?

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