Where IS the Report Builder?

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at fjrhome.net
Wed Jan 26 11:36:36 EST 2005

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Correct, as of Rev 2.5, the Report Builder no longer exists.  I never 
found it to be all that useful anyway, so I suppose it's just as well.  
Printing tutorials can also be found in Rev Online, if you purchased 
the tutorials or the Studio/Enterprise licenses (which include the 
tutorials).  I'm not sure if the basic printing tutorial is one of the 
free ones or not anymore.

On Jan 26, 2005, at 10:35 AM, Jim Lyons wrote:

> The recent discussions about printing in Rev have come along at a 
> propitious time for me. I have a data stack with about five fields per 
> record, only a couple hundred records. The data eventually gets 
> exported to a page layout program in RTF, but I was trying to make it 
> easy for users to get check prints of various subsets of the data. I 
> built a printing stack as recommended here and assembled the data into 
> one tab delimited field. Using Chipp's and Jacque's tips, I have been 
> able to make this work, more or less. I have learned a lot while doing 
> this, and discovered things in the docs I didn't see before, like 
> revPrintText.
> Along the way I found revPrintReport. It makes reference to the 
> "Report Builder" on the Tools menu, but it's not in my copy. (Rev v2.5 
> on Mac OS 10.3) Most of the See Also links are broken. Entering 
> "report" in the filter field under Topics produces no hits. Only 
> revPrintReport comes up in the Dictionary.
> So I searched the list archives. (What a pitiful way to try to find 
> any specific information, but I'll save that for another rant...) I 
> found out that the Search-the-List stack, which is still referenced in 
> RevNet, is no longer available. So I spent a little time reading the 
> Google advanced search tips since I couldn't remember how to search 
> just our discussion list. After I didn't find anything about 
> restricting the search, I just tried "use-revolution report builder" 
> and got a few hits. They were other people asking the same question, 
> and answers that applied to the previous version of Rev. Sigh.
> Finally, to be thorough, I went to the FAQ section of our docs and 
> immediately found "How do I create a custom printed report?" This 
> appears to be the latest up-to-date advice, which is essentially what 
> I had already done: build it yourself with a special stack. There is 
> no mention of a Report Builder.
> So I conclude the answer to the subject line is, "The Report Builder 
> no longer exists." Maybe this will save someone else the time of 
> looking further, if they search the archives and happen to come across 
> this message....
> Lest you think I am a curmudgeon, the bottom line is that I was able 
> to get done what I needed in Rev. I love working with Rev. I just want 
> the docs to be accurate, and for us to find a better way of creating a 
> Knowledge Base for using Rev than we have so far. Sorry for a rambling 
> rant.
> Jim Lyons
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