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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Wed Jan 26 11:10:47 EST 2005

Ben Fisher wrote:

>Hi Revolutionaries,
>I'm planning on making a kit/instructions on how to create externals for rev (in c++). I would include a detailed pdf on C++ and have examples of common tasks for externals. This would all use a free compiler such as Dev-C++.
>Would anyone be interested in paying a modest fee for this? What features or content would you like to have?
I'd happily pay $10 per platform (for now, I only care about Win - but 
if I do get that Mac Mini then I might care about it too).

Features and content ?

I'd pay $9 for a simple (very simple) example -
 - a single .zip file
 - instructions in the readme.txt (i.e. no fancy formatting)
 - how to download the C compiler package (and install, unless it comes 
with good installer)
 - minimum number of files (one or two each .c and .h files plus 
makefile or Dev-C++ project files) to define ONE single, simple external
 - small stack to use the external
 - and it all just works first time :-) :-)

I'd pay the other $1 to make it up to $10 for
 - carefully formatted PDF files including screenshots
 - videos
 - etc.

It would be nice if there were maybe another two or three additional 
examples, showing different kinds of calling parameters or interaction, 
or more complex examples. But please keep them separate, so that I have 
as few files, and as few option to consider, as possible until I have 
successfully compiled and run the first one.

-- Alex.

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