Question regarding the clipboard

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Wed Jan 26 09:52:55 EST 2005


I have a problem that occurs about one in ten times. I have a long
string, like around 60 - 70 thousand characters. It is necessary to
remove all of the linefeeds from this string. After I remove the
linefeeds, I put the string into the clipboard.

Usually, it works just fine. But occassionally, it only places the first
2 or 3 thousand characters on the clipboard.

Each card in my stack contains a bunch of news articles, that are
combined and given html formatting. For a given card, if it has this
problem, then it will have it every single time. But the next day, with
a new set of news articles and a new card, it probably won't have this

By sitting here and playing with one of the cards in which this problem
occurs, I have determined that the string still retains all of its

Thus, the problem lies in setting the clipboardData to the string. Can
anyone imagine a reason why the clipboardData wouldn't take the whole
thing (but only occassionally)?

I have tried:

    Set the clipboarddata to htmlinfo


    Set the clipboarddata["text"] to htmlinfo



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