Simple tutorial on linktext and clicking list text

Nicolas Cueto nicolas_cueto at
Wed Jan 26 08:46:02 EST 2005

One way that I know of (and apologies if this explanation is overly simple):

1) create a field object and type some text into it

2) double-click on that field object to open up its Properties window

3) in that Properties window, check "lock text"

4) still on that Properties, click on the triangle-button near the top-right
and select "edit script"

5) in the script window that opens up, enter this script

on mouseUp
  put the clickText into field "fWhatever"
end mouseUp

6) still in the script window, click the "Apply" button and then close the
script window

7) create a field, double-click it to open its Properties window, type
"fWhatever" in the "name" box, and then close the Properties window

That's it. When you click on a word it should appear in the other field.

As for the documentation, the following terms might be useful starting


Nicolas Cueto
niconiko language school

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Subject: Simple tutorial on linktext and clicking list text

> Folks:
> I'm new to Revolution and I'd like basic, step-by-step
> instructions on making text in a field clickable. I've
> gone through the Rev docs but can't seem to get
> anything to work.
> Please note that I have never attempted this type of
> thing before so some things that may be obvious aren't
> for me. For example, when I enter code, where exactly
> do I enter it? As a card, object, or stack script?
> Sorry for the annoyance. I've managed to build a
> simple stack using buttons but I'd prefer to use links
> and clickcable lists if possible.
> Thanks.
> Steve
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