Simple tutorial on linktext and clicking list text

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Wed Jan 26 05:28:45 EST 2005

it's quite simple.
Make a field with some text. If you want the text to look like a web 
clickeable url
make the text "link" style (text menu). 

In the field's script (or the card's) put in the handler

on linkclicked w
  if w =...
end linkclicked....

Other alternatives without linked text are:
on mouseup 
  get the clickchunk or clicktext...
  if it is whatilike then...


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I'm new to Revolution and I'd like basic, step-by-step
instructions on making text in a field clickable. I've
gone through the Rev docs but can't seem to get
anything to work.

Please note that I have never attempted this type of
thing before so some things that may be obvious aren't
for me. For example, when I enter code, where exactly
do I enter it? As a card, object, or stack script?

Sorry for the annoyance. I've managed to build a
simple stack using buttons but I'd prefer to use links
and clickcable lists if possible.



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