ANN: Online FAQ Server and a Plugin.

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Tue Jan 25 23:43:34 EST 2005

Hi folks

I just created a silly as hell online FAQ Server.  It's a simple stack 
that will connect to a online database and allow user to browse, search 
and view common FAQs. Any user is also encouraged to upload as many 
Questions as he can... the database is empty for now but anyone can 
upload and edit data. Full text search is also implemented.

The online database is a MySQL running at my domain The 
database routines are those from LibDatabase from Trevor DeVore so this 
lil app is also a simple demo of database application...

The stack is unlocked to anyone can peep and change my code, I put this 
togheter in the last two hours so it's just a quick script but it might 
get usefull as people upload their questions (and answers!!!)

The stack is available under utilities and also under my username 
'soapdog' at revOnline.
for those that are not able to access revOnline point your browsers to


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004
Soap Dog Studios - BRAZIL

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