Printing Hell

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Tue Jan 25 16:34:43 EST 2005

At 9:27 PM -0600 1/24/05, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>On 1/24/05 8:53 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:
>>Ultimately, the form printed with PERFECT registration. I didn't 
>>have to change anything, except to adjust the stack size and the 
>>printmargins. No Printing Hell, for me, so far. Praise <enter your 
>>preferred Supreme Being here> !
>Oh good. :) After following this saga over a couple of different 
>mailing lists, I have to ask: in Revolution, do you still need the 
>"wait" statement between sending "mouseup"s to your buttons? (For 
>the curious, Tim was having messaging problems in HyperCard when 
>running a series of "send" commands.)

Hi Jacque,

Sorry about the saga <g>.

This particular episode just tested printing registration. All the 
problems with sending mouseups to checkbox buttons happened in 
another script in another stack that assembles the data, from itself 
and other stacks and sends it to the 8.5 X 11 inch stack that 
actually gets printed. Rev will likely find these other stacks 
indigestible in their present state.

It really seems to have been an speed problem. HyperCard somehow got 
ahead of itself. I understand that Rev executes much faster than HC, 
so I don't expect a problem, but I won't know for a couple of weeks.

I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.


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