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Tue Jan 25 15:38:40 EST 2005

On 24/1/05 6:52 pm, "Timothy Miller" <gandalf at>

> If this is going to be a serious obstacle to a transition to Rev, I
> think I'll stick with HC until Rev's printing problems are fixed. Are
> they going to be fixed? Any guess as to when? Do the people at Rev
> consider them problems?

While it will be possible to design the printing features to be more
intuitive, and we will certainly do that, the printing features are not
broken!  There are literally hundreds of commercial applications that do
perfect, precise, printing from within Rev, many of them cross-platform.  It
is perfectly possible to print anything you may want to, including complex
reports.  Furthermore, once you are used to all the various aspects of the
printing system, it is straightforward and flexible.  It is true that we can
do better in making this area more intuitive, and will do so over time, but
the system as it stands now is highly capable.

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