Hard Drive serial number

Paul Salyers ps1 at softseven.org
Tue Jan 25 09:26:20 EST 2005

At 05:06 AM 1/25/2005, you wrote:
>Paul Salyers wrote:
>>< RB gobbledygook snipped >
>>This is the code I have in VB for a hard drive serial number. Can some 
>>one help me convert this to Rev?
>I can't tell what the RB code does - but if it really is "get the hard 
>drive serial number" then you should be able to find the function that Ken 
>Ray recently published to this list. A search of the archive should find 
>it (around mid-January). It is multi-platform, so if you only need the Win 
>part of it, it could be shortened.
>-- Alex.

I got that code, but some reason the code produces a different serial 
number than out current VB code, We need a code in Rev that produces the 
same serial number as out current VB code.


VBCode serial number is 1350804678 Out program currently has this serial 

Rev serial number is 5083-A4C6 <I found last nite VB code that also 
produces this code

So we need a serial number code in Rev that will produce a number like the 
first VB code to work with current programs.

Any suggestions?

Paul Salyers
PS1 - Senior Rep.
PS1 at softseven.org

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