A Collaboration on Shafer's Books?

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com
Tue Jan 25 03:41:29 EST 2005

On Jan 24, 2005, at 3:08 PM, Thomas Gutzmann wrote:

> - somebody has to take the initiative to set up the Wiki (I cannot 
> help here - what about you, Gordon?)
> - somebody must provide the resources (I'm willing to help with hte 
> resources of my company)
> - there must be a team of people supervising the Wiki (should be 
> people form this list)
> - and finally, there must be the commitment of RunRev to contribute 
> and to help the the supervisors (which may be the biggest problems)

I've had a wiki up for several years now. There's even a book outline 
on there that I put together back in 2003. It's open to edit at:


There was some vandalism on the site a long time ago, so I put a 
password on it. HyperCard users will appreciate the password:

username: rev
password: magic

Feel free to use the site, or take a different course.


Geoff Canyon
gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com

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