Disappearing Image?

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Mon Jan 24 23:14:13 EST 2005


I do a lot with images on XP and haven't come across this problem. I 
suggest you consider a recipe approach for your bugzilla entries:
For instance:

1) create new stack
2) import JPG image to new stack using: File>Import as Control>Image File:
3) Change name of newly imported image by
    a)Selecting Edit tool
    b)clicking on image, click the Inspector button in the revMenuBar
    c)change name to something else: FRED
    d)close Inspector and choose browse tool

BTW,If you do the above, I don't think you will have a problem renaming 
an image, as I did not. If you do have a problem, then you have a great 
bug report.


Ben Fisher wrote:
> I just submitted the bug to Bugzilla (first time I've used Bugzilla)
> If this is as annoying to you as it is to me, please help by voting on this bug (#2560)
> I've found a couple workarounds. It seems like if you change other things in the properties box (blend, etc.) and then change the name, all is normal. Also changing the name in a script causes no difficulties.
>      Summary: Changing name of image makes it disappear
>            Product: Revolution
>            Version: 2.5.1 A3
>           Platform: PC
>         OS/Version: All
>             Status: UNCONFIRMED
>           Severity: normal
>           Priority: P2
>          Component: Images
>         AssignedTo: engineteam at runrev.com<mailto:engineteam at runrev.com>
>         ReportedBy: boinjyboing at hotmail.com<mailto:boinjyboing at hotmail.com>
>          QAContact: enginebugs at lists.runrev.com<mailto:enginebugs at lists.runrev.com>
> -Ben
>>Recently I have come across a disturbing error while creating a game in Rev. I have imported a few 
>>graphics as controls (not referenced). The weird part is that when I change the name of the graphic
>  >and close the properties box, the image *disappears*. The control still exists, but all of its imagedata 
>>This only happens when the name is changed with the Properties box. When I change the name 
>>through a script, it works fine. I'm pretty sure that this isn't supposed to happen.
>>In further investigation, it seems that the imagedata of the image is changed when its name is 
>>changed. Why this should happen I don't know. Also, changing the name will sometimes work normally 
>>when other properties are changed in the Properties box.
>>I'm using the latest rev 2.5 on winxp.
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